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Welcome to my blog

I am a writer of fantasy and sword & sorcery stories that feature elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, kobolds, goblins, mages, clerics, rangers, and other characters that are prevalent in fantasy stories. I, however, do not write stories in the same vein as LORD OF THE RINGS by Tolkien or fantasy writers that have followed him.

Besides reading fantasy, GODFATHER by Mario Puzo, NOBLE HOUSE by James Clavell, and the trilogy by John Gardner that features Professor James Moriarty as the gaslight godfather are among my favorite books.

Some of the my favorite television series are Chris Haddock’s DA VINCI’S INQUEST, his follow-up DA VINCI’S CITY HALL, Chris Haddock’s INTELLIGENCE, Steven Bochco’s HILL STREET BLUES, and David Chase’s SOPRANOS.

I have taken the above as the inspiration to create fantasy and sword & sorcery stories that I would like to read. I have created a world and characters that are featured in several stories, and I plan to publish them in the very near future.

Please continue to visit to check for updates.


R.D. Henderson


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