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Since my last post, I have revised three stories, completed the draft of the fourth story, and near the middle of writing the first draft of the fifth story. Two of the three stories that I have revised are from another story sequence that will be comprised of three stories. I have drafted an outline for the third story.

In the sequence of stories that includes the fifth story, I plan on having one or two more stories. So, the original source was a story of 115,000 words which will eventually be broken into six or seven stories. The completed drafts of the first four stories have a total word count of 136,000 words. The draft of the fifth story is a shade over 13,000 words, and I think the completed draft will be at least 25,000 words.

Once I revise the second, third, and fourth stories, I am certain the word count will increase because I may have added scenes or bits to existing scenes to flesh them out. The added scenes would be to deepen and develop the story.

The other sequence will be comprised of three or four stories. The revised first and second stories have a total word count of about 50,000 words, but I will add additional scenes to each of the first two stories. I think the word counts will increase.

I hope to finish writing all the additional stories for both sequences by the end of June. I feel with creating outlines, my writing is more focused and I more efficient. Since November of 2013, I have written over 200,000 words because of making outlines and revising of existing stories that I wrote from November 2009 through early 2013.

Beginning in July of this year, I will revise all the stories, and run them through an on-line editing software like Pro-Writing. I hope to find at least one beta-reader to read the stories, and I hope to find an editor for copy editing and proofreading.

I will also look for book covers as well as someone for formatting my stories for publication.

I think my stories are original and interesting, but I don’t know if they are marketable or if they will find an audience. I am also writing fantasy short stories, which may be a tough sell. I think one of the reasons fantasy novels are popular is that they are usually long or at least have high word counts.

I enjoy writing writing kind of stories, and I am excited everyday that I write. When I first started writing, I used to write about five hundred words a day, and for the last several weeks, have been writing an average of two thousand words a day.

After these stories are published, I hope they find an audience because I would like to keep writing these types of stories.

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