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This is another update.

I have finished drafting first drafts of the fifth and sixth stories in the first sequence since the previous update.

The most interesting thing about the revision process of breaking down the original version of the story into six smaller stories is that the word count increased nearly one hundred percent from 115,000 words to almost 198,000 words with less plot and less characters. Some of the stuff that was taken out in the revision process could be parts of additional stories.

Another aspect that I found very interesting in the revision process is that some of plot points that were casually mentioned and then dropped in the original version are now a little more developed. Characters that were mentioned in passing have been fleshed out and deepened.

The next step in the revising process is to ensure that each of the new six stories are internally consistent and consistent with the rest of the stories. Another issue that I have to still work out is to ensure that the timing works out and consistent among the stories. The first, second, and fifth stories take place in the same location but the amount of time that passes is indeterminate, and has to work among each of these three stories as well as the third, fourth, and sixth stories. The first and fifth stories are completely new stories that do not have excerpts from the original story.

Even though I enjoy writing these stories, I had do hear a little voice in the back of my head that readers may not find them as interesting as I do. I remember the second editor said that she found the story that she edited to be boring. When I read her comments, I thought that this fantasy story did not have as much action and magic as the type of fantasy stories that she enjoyed or expected.

My stories do have the typical fantasy tropes such as elves, gnomes, mages, dwarves, but I don’t think I use these tropes in the same way as other fantasy stories that do that have the elves, gnomes, dwarves, mages, and the like.

The primary concern is that my stories are original, but they still could be boring. Notwithstanding this primary concern, I will continue to write the type of stories that interest me.

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