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Continue the Writing and Publishing Process

It has been over five months since I wrote a post for this blog.

The sequence of novels that comprised the first long story is up to ten or eleven novellas with a word count range between 25,000 and 40,000.

I have started writing a sequence of novellas based on the second long story I wrote. I have written almost four novellas with a word count range between 20,000 and 24,000. The fourth, and current novella I am writing, appears that it will be the longest of this sequence, so far. I am not certain how many more novellas I will write based on this second long story, but I will write at least three more novellas, maybe as many as five more.

I have also written three novellas that feature a character I wrote in the fourth long story. I have outlined the fourth novella story, but I think I will hold off writing it until I write some additional novellas based on the fourth long story.

Since this summer, I have been using a beta reader, a copy editor, and, most recently, a proofer/formatter. I think I learned from my experiences with the first two editors that I have used when I chose the new people. I have used the beta reader for three of the novellas. I have used the copy editor for one novella and I sent her the second novella today. The proofer has completed the first pass of the first novella with suggestions to make the manuscript have better flow.

I have also hired a book cover designer to create the book covers for the first two novellas. She has already done the cover for the first novella, and I really like it. Looking forward to seeing the cover for the second novella.

I planned to publish the first two novellas by the end of November, but because of the schedules of the editors, book cover designer, and myself, I was not able to meet that goal. Now, I hope to publish the first two novellas in the first two months of next year.

During this process, I am not sure if I have become a better writer. I think my writing has improved in both substance and presentation, but I have not let that stop me. I know that I am more productive and efficient. I think I have written more words this year than I did in the previous two years.

I have also gone from being an exclusive pantster to an outliner, and productivity has increased and I have become more efficient. I also increased the number of words I type a day. When I first started writing on a regular basis about five years ago, I think I wrote no more than 500 words a day. This year, I think I am writing an average of 2000 to 2500 words a day.

The ideas are also easier to develop.

The problem is the tale gets longer in the telling. I believe George R.R. Martin said that in an interview about his writing process.
The most gratifying thing is that I am able to take the criticism a little bit better, and not let that deter me in my writing process. Also, it helps when the people I work with on these stories like the stories.

Until next time,

R.D. Henderson


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